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Our Compact Homes are custom built and allow you to specify exactly what you would like in your home. Storage, bedrooms, space – you name it.

Custom Built & Prefabricated Compact Homes

Zane and Michelle are passionate about creating homes and spaces that enable easy living and comfortable lifestyle. We are passionate about creating homes that are healthy and comfortable to live in all year round. The New Zealand standard of building is really quite low in comparison to German design principals.

We see moisture, condensation and a multitude of areas around the home where heat is lost through ineffective design- what we call ‘thermal bridging’. We know how to eliminate these issues to create a home that you simply won’t want to leave. Give us a call to discuss your options.

We also build prefabricated homes that are council approved and can be transported to your site when completed. These homes can be built to 120sqm plus and are a great option for minimal disruption on your property or farm.

Compact Homes Showreel
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